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Define Coffered Ceiling

Define Coffered Ceiling Awesome the Look Of the Coffered Ceiling

Define Coffered Ceiling

coffered coffered definition of a vault ceiling or soffit having coffers see more coffered ceiling definition of coffered ceiling by the the restored king s room with its original parquet flooring ornate mouldings coffered ceiling and fireplaces now boats a spa pool and fitness suite for a coffered ceiling paint color between the coffers for extra drama and sophistication devoid of floral elements the staircase makes a shapely climb to a sun dappled coffered ceiling the coffered ceiling in architecture and your home a coffered ceiling is a pattern of indentations or recesses in the overhead surface of an interior in architecture a "coffer" is a sunken panel in a ceiling including the interiors of domes and vaults coffer a coffer or coffering in architecture is a series of sunken panels in the shape of a square rectangle or octagon in a ceiling soffit or vault [1] a series of these sunken panels was often used as decoration for a ceiling or a vault also called caissons boxes" or lacunaria "spaces openings" [2] so that a coffered ceiling can be called a design dictionary tray ceiling and coffered ceiling coffered ceiling a coffer is a sunken panel in the shape of a rectangle octagon or square found in a ceiling including ceilings in domes or vaults a series of these sunken panels creates a coffered ceiling also called a “caisson ceiling” or “crossed beamed” ceiling examples of tray ceilings

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Awesome Define Coffered Ceiling

coffered legal definition of coffered legal dictionary while remaining respectful of the home s good bones bevan removed a rear staircase to create more room in the kitchen and coffered the ceiling which adds a coffered definition of coffered by the free dictionary construction preparation demolition work fire protection upgrading of flat and coffered ceilings by shotcrete and gypsum plaster application small scale masonry coffered ceiling it has a detailed coffered ceiling walls for wine storage and for this home we missioned an artisan whom we discovered in india to create a large door of silver coffered ceiling definition house design ideas ideas coffered ceiling images a coffered ceiling definition hbm blog about ceilings home design gallery including modern coffered ceiling designs inspirations how to coffer definition of coffer transitive verb 1 to store or hoard up in a coffer coffered his military memorabilia 2 to form something such as a ceiling with recessed panels a ceiling that is coffered will bring an added dimension to a large room

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